Bespoke Software Examples 2016
May 17, 2016

If you’re reading this chances are you’re looking for a company that specialises in custom software development and you want to check out a few examples of what’s possible and how effective a bespoke solution can be. Well you’ve come to the right place!

When it comes to sourcing a reputable web developer or custom software expert it really does pay to know who you’re dealing with and exactly what they’re capable of. You might even find they’ve developed something similar to your needs meaning the development life cycle for the design and build of your solution is already tried and tested, potentially saving you valuable time and money.

That’s why we make a big deal of our case studies including elements from our own bespoke software development life cycle. From our ‘approach’ to our client-inclusive workshops, in-depth user acceptance testing (UAT) and deployment, through to client testimonials, we try to give you as much insight as possible before you’ve even got in touch.

So here’s a snapshot of our custom software and web projects to show you just what we’re capable of...

Click Energy – Consumer Dashboard Application

  • Custom Web Solution
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Relationship Management
  • Kentico powered web portal for Content Management System 

Functionality & features include:

  • Customer Facing application
  • Responsive Design - website for customers to sign up & manage their accounts.
  • Transparent Reporting – directly from the CRM system allowing each customer to view all communications and correspondence with Click Energy.
  • Dashboard Account Summary – featuring meter readings & payment history.
  • Account Management – ability for customers to manage DD lift dates, bank details and make additional payments.
  • Live Chat.
  • Monthly Billing Engine
  • Automated Communications – in the form of email and SMS
  • Sign-up Application – allowing sales reps to sign up customers and then automatically load into the CRM to register the details. 
Since Click Energy has entered the market it has now secured 1% of the electricity market in its first 6 months and continues to grow at a rapid pace.  The systems developed by Etain have performed to a high level even with the huge surge in customer registrations, industry messages and customer management notes and activities.
Damian Wilson, Managing Director, Click Energy

Horse Racing Ireland – RÁS Racing Administration System 

  • Custom Web Solution
  • Responsive Design available on all device
  • Cloud hosting 

Functionality & features include:

  • Customer Facing application
  • Racing Administration – manage horse racing entries, declarations, registrations, passport applications & more.
  • Notifications Tray – receive updates on applications and other personalised alerts.
  • Interchangeable Personas – switch between multiple user profiles at the touch of a button.
  • Navigation Bar – favourite pages and pop-out links for easy access.
  • Breadcrumbs – trace your actions back one, two or three steps.
  • Prize Money Calculator – estimate potential winnings with the online calculator.
  • Manage Accounts Online - manage racing finances from processing payments online to ‘making a request’
  • Online Help - Access online Help and walk-through videos via the navigation bar question mark. 
The RÁS system developed in collaboration with Etain has delivered a secure and modern platform which has enabled HRI to fundamentally improve administration of Irish horse racing; it has provided our clients with a much more accessible and intuitive system which has transformed their user experience. We now have a system that can be accessed anywhere and at any time, the ETAIN team are great to work with.”
Fiona Feeney, HRI IT Program Manager

firmus energy – Switching System 

  • Custom Web Solution
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms architecture
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting 

Functionality & features include:

  • Dashboard Visuals – demonstrating existing meter works and switch requests.
  • Delegate User Roles -  System Administrator allows you to assign User Roles according to ‘supplier’ or ‘engineer’ status.
  • Form Validation.
  • Attachment Facility.
  • Notification Alerts – send to user groups according to action required.
  • Meter Works 
Etain's approach to the project gave us the confidence that it would be delivered successfully meeting all the requirements. They also ensured that as any functional requirements changed during the project or during the testing stages, that these were accommodated and implemented without impacting the overall delivery schedule.” 
Andrew Murray - firmus energy

To learn more about these bespoke software solutions and others visit our Case Studies page or get in touch below.  Give us a call and come down for a chat so we can show you what we're really made of.

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