Our Philosophy

Mobile First

With more and more internet users accessing your content from mobile devices, the advent of 4G coverage and free Wi-Fi access in thousands of locations, it’s never been more important to deliver an engaging, responsive site experience.

Add to this, SEO mobile algorithms dictating your need to present a ‘mobile friendly’ site, in order to enjoy preferential search rankings, and you start to see what makes this such a competitive playing field.

Etain is passionate about designing responsive websites that not only look and feel good, whatever the platform or browser, we’re experts in the highest levels of functionality whether that’s a SharePoint information portal or a Kentico E-commerce site.

With user experience (UX) at the heart of our design process, we focus on your needs and wants, as well as what web analytics is telling us about your audience’s behaviour. Using this insight and not just a functional checklist, is essential to the creation of an intuitive navigation, engagement touch-points and making sure your brand identity is positively reflected across every aspect of your site.

We use a series of discovery tools, interactive prototyping and user testing sessions to guide our SharePoint and Kentico web designs, ensuring we deliver engaging and enjoyable experiences for all the people who use them.

Microsoft Azure - The Cloud

Azure is Microsoft’s premier cloud platform and an ever growing collection of integrated services for computing, storage, data and networking. As an industry leader for infrastructure-as-a-service (ISAAS) and platform-as-a-service (PAAS), and the only major cloud platform of its kind ranked by Gartner, it’s easy to see why.

Best known for hosting Aviva to Xbox, Marks & Spencers to Heineken and Lufthansa you’ll share the same enterprise-tested platform that more than 57% of Fortune 500 companies rely on today. With 24-7 tech support, round the clock health monitoring and 99.95% SLA availability you’re guaranteed to be in good hands.

With Microsoft Azure adaptability is key. Our developers boast the ability to scale your Azure package up or down to match your requirements. But that’s just the beginning…

This powerhouse of managed and unmanaged services is unmatched in its productivity, allowing us to seamlessly construct, manage and deploy your applications in a way that suits you. We can help you build great apps and services that integrate with every device and what’s more, Azure supports any operating system, from Linux, Oracle and SQL Server to Java and C#, as well as Windows.

Learn more about the benefits of Azure here. 

Software Architecture

In today’s ever changing, increasingly complex computing environment, Service Oriented architecture (SOA), is emerging as the premier architecture framework and systems integration protocol for a variety of business sectors.

Etain’s SOA can help your organisation streamline process by effective application partnering and migration of legacy systems to a shared communication platform or network.

Whether you have an existing business need or have engaged Etain in a custom software project, we will conduct thorough analysis and process discovery to determine the level of hosting, or Internet-as-a-Service (Iaas) that’s right for you.

Sometimes referred to as software-as-a-service (Saas), Service Orientated Architecture is a design led approach to the integration of your existing systems in a way that allows your organisation to stay relevant with the latest technological innovations, without having to compromise on your infrastructure or processes.

Our custom SOA implementations, hosted on Microsoft Azure, enable your business to continue the effective utilisation of existing systems and processes, with the addition of bespoke applications that help your business operate more efficiently.

Our Azure services facilitate a range of processes, from simple data passing to accommodating two or more services that require multi-channel communication in a secure environment. And with scalability built-in we can help future-proof your business.


At Etain we know that no two projects are the same. In fact we thrive on it. Something that all of our team have in common, is the ability to recognise the need for a tailored approach, as well as a tailored solution.

We sit down and talk to our clients in plain English. We learn to speak your language when we spend time getting to know you and your business. Listening carefully to your people and understanding exactly how you work and what your needs are, helps us work together and agree on the best methodology to suit your project.

Our waterfall approach seeks to define your individual requirements from the outset of your custom project, before we commence intensive analysis and the technical design stage. After this we ensure all functional and technical specifications are signed off before moving to the next phases of build, test and implementation. This approach works best when your requirements are well known and the project is subject to tight budget constraints.

An Agile methodology is preferable where requirements may not be as tightly defined at the outset. Agile focuses on regular team meetings, including you, where each member communicates tasks achieved and tasks ahead. Weekly reporting with the client keeps communications open and flowing, ensuring we’re all working towards a shared vision. This approach makes room for the fact your requirements may change, allowing us to minimise impact and streamline final project delivery.

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