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With experience supplying our expert resources to a range of professional industries throughout the UK and Ireland, we know that due diligence for effective information management, cyber security and technology maintenance are key.  We also know that these strategies may only be as effective as the human resources and level of in-house expertise you have access to. Our specialist teams of project administrators, managed services teams and expert developers are ideally positioned and experienced to provide tailored in-house support where a need exists

Onsite teams

We provide you with a team of experts on your premises, who can run everything from your digital services to support department, or even maintain and optimise your infrastructure on a long-term basis.

Project Teams

We provide you with a team of experts, including everything from a project manager and business analyst, to technical architects and developers, to manage the conception, design and delivery of a new system. We host our Project Teams at Etain HQ ensuring your project runs smoothly with access to additional resources as required.

Integrated Resources

Expert individuals ready to fill gaps in your inhouse knowledge base, capabilities and day to day operations. Integrated resources can be based at Etain HQ or on your premises, whatever suits you.

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