Kentico 12 Has Arrived!
December 17, 2018

The long awaiting and much anticipated release of Kentico 12 is here and we’re excited to reveal what’s new straight out-of-the-box. We’ll be revealing the latest product enhancements and a brand new e-learning experience, as well as scalable licensing for the infrastructure architects among you.

For 14 years now, Kentico has been setting the tone when it comes to best practice when working with content and helping CMS users tell stories that really mean something to your audiences.

Here we are at the tail end of 2018 and information overload is everywhere and web users aren’t going to stand for anything less than positive engagements. In short, user experience (UX) has become everything. With that in mind, and a continued focus on leveraging content, the latest release of Kentico’s flagship product, Version 12, or Raptor for those in the know, focuses on providing  marketers with tools to design and deliver unique, ‘different every time’ cross-channel experiences.

Developers haven’t been left out …the latest release is a platform built on modern MVC technology.

Kentico 12 Goes All-in on MVC

Let’s jump right in with the big reveal. WebForms are retiring and MVC is the new king! Not sure what MVC is? Check out this handy MVC guide from FreeCodeCamp.
Talking on the significant role MVC will play in the upcoming future of Kentico Enterprise Marketing Edition (EMS), Michal Kadak, Kentico Product Owner explains the driver behind the shift :
"We want to make sure that every partner building digital projects with Kentico EMS can use the latest technology to benefit their projects.”
With WebForms becoming obsolete (confirmed by Microsoft in October 2018), Kentico EMS future-readies your projects with its transition to the MVC-only development model, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020. For Etain that means all new EMS projects will now be MVC led.
No need to panic, web forms won’t be retiring overnight. Support for existing projects built on Portal Engine will continue until end of 2022, so that’s 4 years to get your all-singing-all-dancing MVC site up and running!

The EMS Journey So Far…

Kentico’s Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) has gone through several inflection points over the years. Back in 2006 the Portal Engine brought a browser-based page builder built on ASP.NET WebForm technology, allowing rapid development.

The following year saw EMS launch in Version 6, pioneering the CMS market, bringing together content management and customer experience management capabilities. No surprise then that in the same year Kentico became the first CMS solution certified for the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Fast forward to 2016 and Kentico 10 delivered a significantly improved upon solution, with scalability and performance upgraded to allow enterprise organizations to adopt Kentico EMS as their primary digital experience platform. Then November 2017 saw the launch of Kentico 11 and the most advanced support available on the market for the new data privacy legislation of the GDPR.

…Enter Kentico 12

The end of November 2018 hit and Kentico delivered possibly the most important upgrade to EMS yet.
Historically, content management systems have been known for providing an interface that only an engineer could love. All function and no user experience to be had (all fact and no fun?). Now, with more and more marketers adopting and relying on CMS platforms (and driving the conversation in the use and formulation of meaningful CMS), there are market dominating expectations that systems must be powerful but straightforward and easy to use.
Kentico believes that to truly empower marketers to be successful and achieve their goals, a CMS must deliver a modern, yet ‘lightweight experience’ editing environment for business users that empowers them to be more productive. Kentico 12 backs this up nicely.
“The new experience editor enables marketers to transform the way they work with the content through an intuitive and clean authoring interface. Common tasks and quick actions can be completed, without going through too many steps, reducing the training and onboarding time necessary to get your team up and running.”

  • Widget-based Visual Page Builder

Kentico's new MVC widget-based web content editor will change the way your marketers and content editors build pages and customer experiences. With a clean drag-and-drop interface and a suite of powerful yet flexible tools, your marketers will be able to experiment as and when they like, independently of IT.

But don’t panic, they don’t have to have complete unbridled access and control. CMS administrators can configure and limit which widgets are permitted on which pages, and on a more granular level, even limit which ones can be used across certain content areas. No unintentional breaking of the website and visual consistency maintained, keeping your Brand Managers safely on side.

The newly streamlined editing experience also helps to ease productivity constraints on content editors by empowering them to become truly agile, by delivering a better customer experience faster.



  • ​Personalisation

We all know that the more you know about the context of your visitor, and the more relevant you can make the experience, the more likely they are to ‘convert’. Providing personalised experiences is all about the customer context after all, and you’ll be pleased to know that even GDPR hasn't changed that.

Kentico's Analytics continue to provide insights into user activities and interactions across all of your digital properties, channels, and devices. Consent and/or cookies acceptance a given. The activity log details data gathered that allows you to evaluate the behavior of your visitors, and use that information to automatically calculate scores for contacts based on their activities (in combination with Personas and Contact Groups) that act as marketing automation process triggers, or display personalised content variants for customers who have performed specific activities.

With Kentico 12, simplified personalisation management allows users to create new widget variants based on different options such as Persona, Country, Device type and more. If required, your developers can register additional personalisation condition types to exapand on the powerful personalisation capabilities already built-in.


  • Smart Forms

A Smart Form is a progressive form that displays different fields to website visitors depending on the information they already filled in in the past. Therefore, making them shorter and more relevant.

What could be better than a well-performing lead generation machine?

Maybe you’re not interested in leads, but you’ve got a big requirement for data and you want to make it easier and more engaging for your visitors to give it freely…

Kentico 12 features a brand-new component-based drag-and-drop form builder that equips every marketer and content editor with powerful tools that enable them to design and publish online forms quicker than ever before. Got 20 questions you want to ask but know that web visitors simply won’t engage with a form as long as your arm? Smart Forms solve that by drip-serving the questions. Be it over a series of visits, or 2 questions at a time in one session, you now have the power to make a form an engaging experience.

Smart forms allow marketers to publish online forms easily, independent of IT. Marketers become more agile while developers get to focus on what matters.


What else is new?

  • Brand new eLearning modules

Since MVC is the new king of the jungle, we also prepared a new training course for you... You can expect the developer certification to be ready in January 2019, while the marketer certification is going to be publicly available a month later, in February 2019.

  • Scalable Licensing Options

Many organizations historically struggled with assessing needs related to server architecture and scalability concerning their website or web properties...The new Kentico Scalable License model will be available in (three) options or tiers:
1. Auto-Scalable Licensing
2. Planned-Scalable Licensing
3. Emergency- Scalable Licensing


Ready for MVC?

If you’re ready to future-proof your Kentico website there are a number of options to consider.

Already a Kentico Portal Engine client?

  1. Migrate your existing site to Kentico 12 then redevelop on MVC by 2022.

Already a Kentico client but ready for a brand new site? Or maybe you are using a different CMS but ready to embrace ‘the all in one that get’s it done’…

  1. Redevelop your website with a brand-new user-experience (UX) led design and all the power of MVC built-in.

Not sure which option is right for you?

  1. Avail of our complimentary website assessment designed to determine the optimal path for your organisation.

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