Etain Launches Snack Smarter Initiative.
February 8, 2018

We’ve introduced a new benefit for our team members to keep energy, mood and creativity high. From today, Monday 12th February 2018 we’ll be providing a range of fresh fruits designed not only to encourage healthier snacking but also for their proven benefits in productivity and mood enhancement. 

At Etain we’re proud to say we look after our staff and endeavour to build-in benefits where they will be the most meaningful. Our focus in recent years has been on providing health and well-being support including family friendly policies, flexible working hours, a cash plan from Westfield Health and a robust sick-pay scheme that aims to look after your best interests should you find yourself in a long-term illness situation.

The common-sense simplicity of a fresh fruit initiative and it’s growth in popularity among corporate wellness schemes is underpinned by the obvious of benefits of the practice. Not only is it inexpensive, and thus preserves necessary resources for other staff-perks, the uniquely appealing dietary facility will help provide essential vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre and additional water intake for our teams; essential in the prevention of dehydration and fatigue, as well as chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

We’re delighted to give our team members the opportunity to snack healthily and see it not only as a positive step towards supporting the well-being needs of our people, but a further enhancement to our evolving Company Culture program. 

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