Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and You
May 10, 2016

In just about every sector, businesses are operating in an increasingly competitive field. Our online economy has lowered barriers to market entry, increasing the intensity of competition while we're buying, selling and communicating in countless ways, across a variety of channels. Add to that the fact that consumers are more informed than ever before, as well as vocal about their experiences, and we find ourselves in a scenario where we need more intelligence and customer data in order to be competitive.

This is where CRM steps in...

What is CRM? 

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a set of tools, apps and platforms that allow your business to efficiently manage sales, marketing and service provision, while improving customer experience via the optimisation of customer insights gathered through Social Media, Email Campaigns, Web Analytics and other more traditional data collection methods.

You can then use this to drive just about any aspect of your customer facing activities, including targeted lead generation, marketing campaigns and aftersales stategies.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM is Etain's Customer Relationship Management platform of choice and solution du jour from Microsoft. Built from a customer-first perspective and with flexibility at its core, Dynamics CRM allows you to deliver great customer experiences while helping you achieve your 'bigger picture' business goals. 

Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits of this fully customisable solution…

Easy Integration 

Unsurprisingly, Dynamics CRM integrates with Microsoft’s other in-house software packages, such as SharePoint, Skype and Office 365 allowing you to easily import or export customer data from Dynamics CRM to and from applications such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint. Manipulate, analyse and present all in a familiar environment.

Flexible Hosting Options 

Dynamics CRM may be hosted in the cloud, on-site or a hybrid of the two, depending on your business needs. While on-site hosting has the perceived security benefit of making it easier to protect client data, cloud based solutions are becoming increasingly safe and can be accessed remotely, extending you the flexibility essential to success in the modern business world.

Access from Multiple Platforms 

Did someone say flexibility? Remote access via cloud hosting also enables you to access your CRM system across a range of devices, including mobile phones or tablets. Where there's WiFi there's a way!

Sentiment Analysis            

One of the most exciting new features of Dynamics CRM in 2016 is Intention Analysis. Broadly speaking, this is a tool which assigns a score between 0 and 1 to social-media or email correspondence from customers and clients based on the positivity of their sentiment.

As a simple example, you could use this to send any messages which score under 0.5 to your customer service department to follow up on complaints. 

How Will CRM Affect My Business? 

An effective CRM solution will make your business more efficient and increase revenue per employee. It will do this by improving practises and decision making across all areas of your businessenabling you to grow your business’ brand, and maximise customer loyalty. 

Customer Intimacy 

Improve customer intimacy by harnessing data that can help you tailor products and services to your customers’ specific needs. Customer intimacy is one of the best ways for small and mid-size enterprises to compete in an ever-crowded marketplace, in a way that larger enterprises struggle to replicate.



Customers are increasingly sophisticated, as well as better at tuning out old-fashioned marketing techniques, but don’t despair! By building an accurate picture of your client base you can develop smarter and more effective ways of reaching them with your marketing content and collateral.

Trace the successes and failures of your campaigns, and adjust your future plans accordingly. With all this practical data on what works and what doesn’t, it’s so much easier to replicate successes, and create consistently engaging marketing content!


With the right CRM solution, a sales leader can manage the activities and performance of individual sales people or teams, and keep track of problems which may be affecting revenue, such as territory coverage, customer interactions and opportunity close rates.

Individual sales agents can access client data, including purchase histories and a summary of sentiment towards your company and products. This can be used to inform their sales pitch, to improve outcomes.

Customer Service 

CRM can be utilised as a fantastic case management tool too! By storing all information relating to a request in your CRM, cases can easily be picked up by different users who will see a full history of the request, allowing more efficient resolution and ultimately better service to your customers. 


With CRM, your Sales Director or Service Manager can easily monitor all of the above activities from one central platform.  Look for early indicators of future problems to the top-line, enabling a pro-active and holistic approach to managing the business. 

Best of all, a strong CRM system will allow you to mitigate the costs of staff turnover, by storing what would normally be tacit knowledge of customer relationships, to be passed on to new staff, simplifying and speeding up the training process.


Why Etain? 

Etain are certified Microsoft Partners, so who could be better to develop your brand new Dynamics CRM solution? On top of this, we have dedicated CRM and SharePoint teams, so we know a thing or two about implementing Microsoft technologies for business uses.

We operate a consultancy-led approach to the development process, during which we will advise you on which features will be of particular use to your specific business. This allows us to develop bespoke software solutions based on your individual requirements, which you just couldn’t achieve with an out of the box solution. In short, a Dynamics CRM solution from Etain, with our Smarter Software ethos, will help to future proof your business.


Interested in CRM? Seeing really is believing, so check out our recent Click Energy CRM Case Study! If you’d like to discuss a custom CRM project or simply want to know more feel free to call us on 028 90 87 2222 or drop us an email using the contact form below.  

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