How to Choose Your Next CMS
May 30, 2018

Download your free guide! We've partnered with Kentico to bring you four essential checklists your organisation needs to go through before choosing a CMS.

Content management systems (CMS) started out as software solutions that consisted primarily of technology tools for creating and managing websites. With time and new technologies available the CMS transitioned to products and platforms that comprise an important foundational piece of technology for most organisations. Now content editors and marketers can add GDPR compliance and Privacy By Design  requirements in to the mix.

As Kentico Gold Partners we know that choosing a CMS (or WCMS) is no easy task. With so much to consider, systems to integrate and departments to keep happy, how do you decide which platform is right for you?

We've partnered with Kentico to bring you this free guide designed to help you to consider all the relevant points of view and requirements you need to address when deciding which CMS to evaluate and purchase.

You'll gain important insight on the problems and pain-points your different teams experience and learn how you can solve them by selecting the best-fit CMS solution for your organisation.

Download your free 'How to Choose Your Next CMS' guide here. 

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