HTTP vs HTTPs - Dates For Your Diary
May 18, 2018

You probably already recognise HTTPS connections as primarily used for payment transactions, e-mail and for sensitive transactions, but did you know they are becoming the standard? Here's a quick update on the changes to security indicators moving from HTTP protocol to HTTPs. Get these dates in your diary!

By now you are probably aware that the standard HTTP protocol is being phased out and replaced by the newer, more secure HTTPs. Here are some handy dates that will keep you on the right side of the search engines and your website visitors.

July 2018

Insecure HTTP pages will start being labelled as "Not Secure".

Treatment of HTTP pages


September 2018


HTTPS pages will lose the "Secure" label, and instead just get a grey lock, and the "https://" part of the URL will be hidden.

Treatment of HTTPS pages


October 2018

The "Not Secure" warning for insecure HTTP pages will turn red and get a warning symbol added to it when users start entering data into a form on the page. Eventually, HTTPS pages will be totally unmarked, as Google will consider them the default experience for all users.


Secure vs Not-Secure

Secure vs Not-Secure


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