Why Kentico EMS?
May 29, 2018

Back in April 2016 we wrote a blog article that outlined the difference between Kentico CMS and Kentico EMS. Here we are with a quick refresher so when it comes to choosing between Kentico CMS Base licence, Kentico CMS Ultimate licence and Kentico EMS you'll be armed with all you  need to know.

As Kentico Gold Partners this is a something we get asked frequently by our clients, so we thought we’d put the answer right here on our site. If you’d like to see the official breakdown of features and functionalities between the three models, Kentico has provided a handy guide that lets you toggle between the CMS and EMS versions, so the differentiation is clear.

First things first, we all know CMS stands for Content Management System, but what about EMS?

'Enterprise Marketing Solution'...and home to practically everything you need to manage and track your marketing campaigns and more.

Kentico's EMS licence features everything from Content Management, Workflow, Translation Management and Social Media Integration to SharePoint CMS integration, integration Bus and so mcu more...but it’s where the Online Marketing and Enterprise features come in that things get interesting.
We still offer Kentico CMS, already packed with a powerhouse of functionalities that are hard to rival, and we’d never recommend EMS if you didn’t really need it, but there are some great EMS features we think you’d really appreciate having right there in the same place where you manage your content.

So to kick things off let’s take a look at what EMS has that CMS doesn't.


Online Marketing


GDPR and Data Protection

Kentico EMS features a GDPR application designed to help organisations comply with even the strictest data protection regulations, such as GDPR and PII. It can handle the right to access, data portability, and right to be forgotten, and even track the consents on your website, helping you avoid potential fines.

Kentico’s built-in GDPR module includes integrated consent management that will enable you to create, store, update, & archive consents with ease. You can keep track of given consents and display securely whenever necessary, through the provided web parts and form controls. Kentico’s Data Flow mapping will equip you with the necessary functionality to find data to comply with GDPR or any other data protection regulation requests. Kentico’s extensive documentation makes it easier for you to locate data and navigate within it.

The dedicated Data Protection application will also enable you to respond to subject access requests and ‘right to be forgotten’ demands for personal data deletion from your visitors. You may selectively delete relevant data and comply within the strict deadlines imposed by GDPR and other international data protection regulations. Similarly, you can provide, upon request, data in machine-readable format. This allows personal data to be exported from one system and imported to another for easy movement of data (data portability). 

Learn more about how Kentico handles GDPR compliance here. 


A/B and MVT Testing    

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. You compare two web pages by showing the two variants (let's call them A and B) to similar visitors at the same time. The one that gives a better conversion rate, wins!
The A/B testing module in EMS allows you to create and test an unlimited number of page variants. Can’t decide which page layout would resonate best with your audience and lead to the most likely conversions? Put them all up and run an A/B split test. This will equip you with real-time, unfiltered statistics, helping you decide which page design will help you achieve your targets faster.
Similar to A/B testing, the Multi Variant Testing (MVT) module allows you to trial variations of the same content widget. Want to know if one button design attracts more clicks than another? It’s easy with Kentico EMS. The results speak for themselves.
By actively providing opportunities for your audience to tell or show you what they respond to, and then incorporating your findings into your site design you are one step closer to the User Experience (UX) website of your dreams!

A/B Testing in Email Marketing

Another opportunity to try out two versions of the same message and see which performs better! If you’ve got a lot to say and can’t decide which content would attract the most conversions then trial them both. Kentico EMS will send variables of the same email to your segmented target audience and report back on which one was your top performer.
Once you know which one works best you can send your ‘conversion creating’ email to the remainder of your mailing list.

Campaigns and Conversions    

Link your banners, social ads or email links to your website using a custom campaign url, (a camapign url might look something like this: http://www.example.com/?campaign=facebookcompetitionpost399 ) then track the number of people accessing that page as a result of your campaign.

If those users then go on to register on your site, Kentico EMS will record the campaign url as their entry point, no matter how many pages they visited before they registered, so you’ll be able to measure and evaluate the true conversion rate of your campaign.

Contact Management                   

The Contact Management module in Kentico EMS gives you a clear view of all your site visitors and how they behave when they get there, no matter the channel or device they use. Streamlined customer data is automatically amalgamated in to one all-inclusive platform, giving you 360-degree control over your site’s visitors’ experience.

Amalgamated data on each contact profile allows you to personalise a return visitor’s content experience, helping you grow the customer from a cool, casual window shoppers in to a hot lead by funnelling them through to your key conversion points.

And did we mention this also integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM or ERP systems?

Content Personalisation                             

The Content Personalisation module allows you to deliver tailor made content and offers to individuals based on their browser history. Working together with Contact Management, your Kentico EMS analyses demographics such as address, age, job and gender, and tracks this against behaviours such as pages visited, content downloaded, purchases and searched keywords, as well as assessing the context of the visit right down to the stage of purchase the visitor is at.
Left items in their shopping basket for more than 24 hours? If the user is registered you could send them an email incentivising the purchase.

Repeat visitors with similar browsing habits and demographics? Create ‘personas’ that feed out the most relevant content based on the personas recognised interest. 

Lead and Engagement Scoring  

Your website is still your most valuable asset when it comes to the marketing to sales conversion path. Day in day out you will attract return visitors and new visitors alike, but how do you know which ones are interested and just need the little nudge?
Whatever your qualifying criteria, the Lead Scoring module lets you automatically qualify your leads and pass on only the most likely contacts to your sales department.
Set the threshold point score then automatically award points when certain behaviours and actions are met. Hot leads can then be exported to your CRM or emailed directly to the right sales executive, ready to take the next step.

Marketing Automation      

Increases your marketing effectiveness and maximise ROI with Marketing Automation from Kentico EMS.
Whether its delivering engaging content to potential clients, creating personalised ‘customer-interaction’ led campaigns or automating customer onboarding, the easy to use Marketing Automation module works with you as your communication strategy grows and evolves.
Featuring a simple drag and drop, interface even the most non-technical marketers and executives can create editable campaigns that really deliver results.


Delivering a personalised, engaging experience to visitors as individuals is more important than ever and for many industries it’s come to be expected by consumers.
The Kentico EMS Personas module makes it possible for you to deliver tailored content to the right person at the right time, pushing them further along the conversion path and closer to helping you achieve your objectives.  
Define Personas, pre-define qualifying criteria and select content that reacts to particular triggers. By fine tuning your content to individuals you are super-charging your brand engagement, maximising ROI on your marketing campaigns and ultimately increasing conversion rates whether that’s subscriptions, sales and so much more.


Kentico EMS enables you to segment your visitors according to behavioural, demographic and psychographic attributes. Segmentation means you’re better equipped to satisfy customers by targeting messages and offers that really resonate with your audiences. Your site can then enjoy a higher rate of engagement, brand loyalty and higher ROI, all reflected in your conversion rates.

Analytics & Social Marketing - Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and LinkedIn Statistics 

In today’s busy online world, simply managing your social presence is no longer enough. You need to know how you’re performing, where you came out on top and where you fell short.
Thanks to the Social Marketing module there’s no more jumping from one platform to another tracking down your social insights. With Kentico EMS the hard yards are done for you, bringing your most valuable statistics all under one roof, to help you build a robust social media marketing strategy by keeping your finger firmly on the pulse.
Manage your channels direct from Kentico! Update your followers with posts, blog articles, products, offers and more without all the tedious channel hopping.

Strands Recommender          

Loads of great content or products you want to share with your customer in email? Wouldn’t it be great if your website could automatically respond to your customers interests?

The Strands Recommender Integration displays recommended products based on search history and behaviours exhibited by the visitor on your site right there in their emails. Drive up customer loyalty and boost sales by consistently delivering a personalised experience and demonstrating that you truly understand your customers’ needs and wants.
“Add Amazon-style smartness to your success.”
Kentico EMS


Enterprise Features

And last but not least let’s look at the Enterprise Features offered by the EMS edition.

Health Monitoring

As a site administrator it’s important to keep an eye on your website’s performance and potential health issues as your website grows and your traffic with it. 
With Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft CRM providing performance counters performance monitoring has never been so powerful.

Multiple SMTP Servers

Kentico EMS allows you to set multiple email servers. Having multiple SMTP servers allows you to send out a greater volume of e‑mail traffic by utilising the extra servers whenever the default server is busy.

Scheduler Windows Service

The Scheduler Windows Service provides a dedicated service for executing scheduled tasks, allowing you to optimise the performance of your application by executing tasks externally instead of the application itself.

Visual Workflow Designer

The Kentico Workflow designer allows editors and administrators to manage and approve all site content at each stage of the publishing process prior to going live, so you never have to worry about unauthorised material appearing (or disappearing) on your site before sign off.

Translations.com Connector & Translation Management

Creating multilingual websites is greatly enhanced and made effortless by the Translations modules in Kentico EMS.
Easy to use, effectively manage the creation and translation of website content with your browser-based, centralised translation hub.

So there you have it! Got a question about Kentico CMS or EMS we haven’t covered? Want to redevelop your website? We’re all ears, so get in touch! Drop us an email below or call us on 028 90 87 2222

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