We Smashed Our Byte Night Fundraising Target!
October 9, 2017

If you've been following us Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin by now you will know all about what three of our finest have been up to in aid of Action for Children's Byte Night sleep out...but did you know we've smashed our target and then some, all because of the amazing support shown by our own teams, clients, family and friends?

A couple of weeks ago we started shouting about what Jill Wilson, Stacey McKinstry and Debbie Vincent were doing in order to raise money for young homeless people in Northern Ireland and you heard us.

We were all over social media asking for your help to raise £1500, and you responded in such a heart warming and generous way. Not only did we hit our initial target, we smashed our secondary milestone of £2000! As we speak we are sitting £1000 above target at a whopping £2542 all thanks to each and every one of you who donated. Check out our total below in the JustGiving Donations widget!

On Friday night the ladies took to Stormont playing fields with umbrellas, sleeping bags, matts and snacks at the ready. A long cold, wet night ensued but of course nothing compared to sleeping rough on the streets without the company and protection of friends.

Have a read of what the ladies themselves have to say about their sleep out...

Stacey McKinstry, Head of Accounts says;

  "Physically and mentally it was quite tough and that was with the luxury of a sleeping bag, tarpaulin and golf umbrella to shelter from the weather... it really made me appreciate my own bed the next morning!

Earlier in the evening Action for Children shared a video showing testimonies from various young people across the UK and how the charity has played a massive part in each of their lives. It was quite hard hitting listening to the reality of homelessness and how easy it can happen to anyone at any time. On the other hand, it was great to see each of these young people turning their lives around with the help of the charity, they are coached and mentored through to adulthood and assisted in securing places in further education and jobs in the UK. "


Debbie Vincent, Business Analyst and Project Manager says;

"Byte Night 2017 was a great event to be involved in and our focus right up to the night itself was on fundraising, which has been so well received, we are completely humbled by everyone's support.

Even though we were sleeping out in a controlled and safe environment, the realisation of how hard it must be really struck home around 4am...It’s difficult to sleep when you’re exposed to the elements. How vulnerable must you feel if this is your reality?

We heard about the work of Action for Children and I was humbled and moved when listening to one of their young ambassadors speak. Youth homelessness is a serious problem in the UK – and now that I’ve had a couple of nights sleep in my comfy bed, I am aware of how truly blessed I am.

Sleeping out for Byte Night was such a small contribution, but it has definitely raised my awareness and I’m keen to do it again next year. A huge thanks to everyone who has supported us."


Jill Wilson, Head of HR says;

"I agree with everything Stacey and Debbie have said and I'd like to add something many of us probably really take for granted....the lack of dignity that you feel with no means of personal hygiene – I felt awful missing out on two “rounds” of teeth brushing – I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I had had to do even one more night without a toothbrush and a shower.

I was also struck in the presentations given on the night that homelessness isn’t just people sleeping in shop fronts.  It is a huge number of young people who sofa-surf and have no fixed address, never knowing if they will be offered a sofa the next night and therefore having to live “outside” of society.  It was all very shocking to me."

At Etain we really believe in getting involved with worthy causes that make a difference, particularly to the lives of young people. We are bowled over at the support Jill, Debbie and Stacey have received. Whether you took part in our Pub quiz, Guess How Many Sweets in the Jar, the loose change tins or made a direct donation on our JustGIving page, we can't thank you enough for your contribution. 

If you’d like to learn more about Byte Night or want to get involved in a sleep-out near you visit www.bytenight.org.uk

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