Careers Week at Etain HQ
October 1, 2019

As the summer has well and truly departed so too have our placement students for their final year of study, with fresh and eager students taking their place here at Etain HQ and past apprentices returned to permanently enhance our ranks. 

Between the sad goodbyes and the warm welcomes we go through this time every year, we’ve been contemplating what a placement in a tech firm really means for these bright, young developers and engineers. So, we decided that the first week of October should be a celebration of Smarter Software® careers and to hear directly from some recent joiners and placement students.

Step Up

Over the course of the week you’ll learn that Etain is a place of professional development and genuine growth, a place where you will challenged as much as you are supported. If you are eager and ambitious, you’ll have the opportunity to take ownership and contribute at a higher level than you thought possible at this stage of your career. Basically, the more you put in the more you get out. Ask anyone at Etain and they’ll tell you that's reflected in the fact we don't have a heavy management structure here.

Get Stuck in

We’re not saying you get to do whatever you want; what we are saying is that if you prove yourself and you work hard it will be recognised and you’ll be as proud of your contribution to our custom solutions as our clients are. How is all this possible in just one year?

It's Not All About Coding

Our placements get the opportunity to work closely with senior colleagues across the organisation, from UX and Design, to Quality Assurance, Project Management and Business Analysis, and even commercially by inputting to Business Development processes and bid writing. With all this influencing and shaping who you are professionally, we know your approach to software development is well informed. Your insight, energy and creativity partnered with our approach to understanding our client’s unique requirements will always make the work varied and exciting and the results speak for themselves.

Stay Tuned

We’d love to tell you more, but we think it’s better coming direct. So stay tuned because later this week we’ll have a video interview with Joe, a recent placement student turned full-time member of the team, featuring his advice on starting out a career in software development, and what drives him to succeed at Etain. Then we’ll have Bob tell us all about his first year in Quality Assurance at Etain, followed by an insightful piece on wellbeing.

Sounds Good Doesnt It? 

Interested in a placement at Etain? Simply want to know more about how we do things here? Get in touch with our Careers department at or call 02890872222

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