Established in 2010, Neuven are a Manchester based neutral vendor providing procurement solutions in the temporary staffing sector.  Providing their solutions to well-known supermarket chains and high-street pharmacies, their reach and rapid success has been marked with a yearly Top 50 position in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 league table since 2015.

Introducing Venloc®, a powerful resource planning solution for temporary staffing.

The Business Problem

Neuven came to Etain with a need to develop a Locum Management System. They needed a system that would ensure qualified pharmacy staff could be placed in every store during all contracted hours. To achieve this, better use of locum pharmacists was essential.

They wanted to ensure a reduction in the human resources required in the management of interactions between employers, agencies and temporary workers, previously a lengthy, manual task.

Neuven identified their need to digitise the vacancy, registration and booking processes, as well as the generation of invoices.

With their clients including over 350 stores throughout the United Kingdom, this could only be achieved by a digital transformation.

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The Transformation

Neuven’s transformation platform, Venloc®, encompasses a secure Microsoft .SQL Server hosted scheduling application, built on ASP.Net. 
The online solution features built-in shift alerts, and invoice registration life-cycle management. Featuring multi-level user access, this dynamic web application accommodates the business unit request, the agencies promotion of available shifts and the individual locum’s response and uptake of temporary work.

Locum’s can log in to a user-friendly, online interface, where they may view alerts about available shifts, request allocation, and receive payment without ever needing to pick up the phone.

Individual business units have the ability to set their own hourly rates and apply them to a variety of job roles. National Insurance and Minimum Wage are locked in to UK regulations.

Once locums pass registration they enter an approved pool, where shifts are offered, requested and accepted. Each available locum is then matched to appropriate pharmacies according to distance and qualifications held.
Etain adopted a user-centred design approach, placing the objectives of the locums at the centre of the design process. This resulted in the efficient development of an online, easy to use, web application built on ASP. Net and hosted on SQL server that delivers an invaluable service to hundreds of pharmacies through the UK.

Given to the powerful combination and alignment of values, our partnership with Neuven allowed us to deliver an outstanding digital transformation.

Combining their ‘working better together’ and our promise of ‘smarter software’, ensured that all functions and features were of genuine value to end-users and operationally transformative.

Features & Functions

  • Passport and ID document upload
  • Cloud hosted   
  • Billing Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • User-centred design
  • Shift Publishing
  • Built-in shift alerts
  • Invoice registration life-cycle management
  • Multi-level user access
  • Vendor-defined  controls and  configurations
  •  Payment scheduling & processing
  •  Invoice Generation
  •  UK minimum wage regulations compliant

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The Benefits

Venloc® reduces the time spent on the administration for each booking by consolidating locum invoicing into a single weekly invoice and managing individual payments.

From registration through to the payment of wages, Venloc® works for all types of locum labour with total efficiency and compliance by design.

Our solution provides a system that enables vacancies to be advertised to registered locum pharmacists, enabling them to sign up for shifts that match their location and time availability. Locums manage shift-associated expenses through an automated invoicing facility. Venloc auto-bills the pharmacies and processes payments direct to the locums.

Innovative in it’s clear-channel visibility, Venloc® has made it easier for the hierarchy of locum services, from business unit to agency level, to meet with legislation and compliance. Our custom solution also ensures revenue protection and fraud prevention. 
  • GPhC ‘Right to work’ compliant -   ensures all locums have the right to work in the UK and have no practice disqualifications.
  • Built-in Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) 
  • Significant cost savings
  • Clear visibility & control
  • Reduced administration & improved efficiency
  • Effective in pharmacy, medical, legal, veterinary and direct temporary markets 
  • Robust management reporting
  • Compliance to eligibility to work in UK
  • Fraud avoidance
  • Shift vendor spend reduced by 10%
  • Single consolidated invoice
  • Browser based
  • AWR tracking  
  • Detailed ‘real time’ reports
  • Vendor neutrality
  • Remote timesheet management

Do you need a custom Resource Management solution? Is your organisation ready to undertake a Digital Transformation? If you’d like to discuss a custom project or simply want to know more feel free to call us on 028 90 87 2222 or drop us an email using the contact form below. 

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