Based in Bangor, County Down Send My Bag™ operate thousands of routes worldwide providing a cost-effective way to ship baggage without the irritation of extortionate airline surcharges, and lost luggage woes. Recently reported by Which? to beat airline baggage charges!

An industry leader in their sector, Send My Bag™ have grown quickly in just a handful of years, going on to develop unrivalled cross-border customs clearance procedures and a robust support system operating in the UK and New York City 7 days a week.
From the dashboard users can choose to navigate the app through a standard menu structure or through a series of push notifications, in-app pop-ups, and ‘Call-to-Action’ content built in to the dashboard  alerting users to the most recent status update of the their order. 

The Business Problem

Send My Bag™ approached Etain with a need to develop a means of supplementing the services already in existence on their website by providing a complimentary, real-time status or tracking application that would also function as a direct  B2C communication interface.

The objective of the Send My Bag™ Companion App project was to offer customers the opportunity to keep track of their bags from when their order was placed right through to the bag delivery at its intended destination.

With consumers evermore digitised and frustrated with 'closed-door' service providers, Send My Bag™ recognised that in order to maintain the focus and customer loyalty of their target market, they would have to invest in mobile technology. In this case an easily accessible application that gifts back some of the control to the consumer by offering insight into the process and keeping them in touch along the journey, and all while moving to innovate the services industry they occupy. 

The Transformation

The Send My Bag™ mobile application would be a companion application for the website designed to run on both the IOS and Android platforms, ensuring optimum market reach. The app would allow users to login to their account and complete a range of processes from tracking the status of their bag shipment to viewing rewards earned and managing account information.

Developed using Xamarin, our custom application delivered a cross-platform solution with the facility to intuitively target iOS and Android. This enabled our developers to write the back-end code once in C# and share it between each platform partnered with separate user interfaces. By implementing a Xamarin and C#  together our developers were able to essentially compile two native apps delivering the best performance and access that played to each of the platforms specific features.

While primarily developed so that customers with either operating system or mobile devices could use the application to track their orders placed on the website, as an added benefit, harnessing the power of social media, our custom application incorporated a rewards scheme whereby customers could earn rewards simply by sharing their 'Send My Bag' experiences via Facebook and Twitter.

From the dashboard users can choose to navigate the app through a standard menu structure or through a series of push notifications, in-app pop-ups, and ‘Call-to-Action’ content built in to the dashboard  alerting users to the most recent status update of the their order. Our custom application for Send My Bag essentially delivers a top level 'at a glance' service whereby users can learn the exact status of their bags at any point in the order process, with the minimum of effort required.

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Our Approach

Working closely with Send My Bag™ Etain developed the functional specifications document in such a way so as to outline how the app would manage each of the required functional areas, the screen flow, screen designs and validation required with a level of detail that ensured no ambiguity or misunderstanding about what is to be delivered irrespective of technical background or experience. This was important so as not only to ensure we met the clients expectations but also to ensure we delivered a solution that would be easily navigated and understood by the intended users.

Risks & Challenges

Given the inherent personal security concerns of sending items, in particular baggage, the app would incorporate a photo upload tool to store visual references pertaining to the cargo. Additionally, the application would not store any data on mobile devices and so would require a live data connection to retrieve and send encrypted data.

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The Benefits

The objective of the mobile app was to serve as a follow-up service to complement the order process following an order made on the website, offering a more holistic and satisfactory customer experience.

For Send My Bag™ their custom solution would thus serve not only as a handy bolt-on service for their customer base but also as powerful marketing channel that would seed their content and grow service awareness through social media integration, while giving them the opportunity to directly connect with their customers through customised communication channels.

Centered around a dashboard interface, the Send My Bag™ app app presents only the most important and relevant information, displayed in a logical and concise format, ensuring users are instantly met with exactly what they want, in the easiest way and in the least amount of time. The Send My Dashboard provides the customer immediate access to the latest tracking status of their current orders helping to preserve the customer -service provider relationship and in turn fuel the likelihood of positive reviews through the social feed and reward scheme. 

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