At Etain we take our approach to custom software personally. We believe in building relationships and solutions that last. To achieve that we partner with you through a process of discovery and organisational familiarisation, ensuring that what we deliver is truly reflective of your needs.

We thrive on understanding what our customers need and not just what they ask for, making sure our solutions exceed anticipated outcomes and demonstrate real business benefits.

Our Smarter Software® Process

We take a consultative approach to business development. Getting to know you, your drivers and your people always delivers the best results. From concept to delivery we ensure every stage of your custom developed solution is on par with your expectation and your needs.

  • Discovery

    We ask questions to prompt and challenge you, ensuring we get right to the core of your business.

  • Design (UX/UI)

    By focusing on your needs and wants, we ensure user experience is at the heart of our design process.

  • Implement

    We provide a blueprint that can be reviewed and agreed before the first line of code is written.

  • Develop

    Using cutting edge technology we can develop even the most complex of software solutions.

  • Deploy

    We engage all our clients with hands-on user testing, ensuring any deployment runs as you expect it to.

We're Hiring

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