In 2001 Gartner’s Doug Laney introduced us to the notion of Big Data. Until then businesses the world over had only really been concerned with web analytics and housing data streams in traditional mainframes and server boxes. Fast forward to 2015 and Big Data is big business.

When it comes to data it’s not the acquisition of it that counts. It’s what you do with it. Your organisation could be generating mass volumes of big data but with no way to access, analyse and make sense of it you could be missing out on a wealth of opportunity.

From identifying trends that help you forecast consumer behaviours and inform your future marketing strategies, to the draw-down of reports that meet with sector compliance, and the real-time ability to track the root cause of process failure; what your organisation generates on a daily basis could be the difference between being an SME today and a global fore-runner the next.

Whether you need a secure, compliant environment for the aggregation and report generation of thousands of transactions, or a bespoke SharePoint E-portal for data input from a range of disparate locations, our expert developers and software architects are passionate about the design of leading-edge data solutions from concept to delivery.

Etain is an expert in the design and implementation of data management software that help our clients fully realise the potential of information they possess.

Through a combination of business intelligence, process analysis, information discovery and familiarisation of your existing data management, our custom development teams can design user-friendly access points, facilitate secure data migration from legacy systems and antiquated mainframes to cutting-edge target systems. And what’s more, we offer a range of top-end hosting options, including Microsoft’s premier Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure.

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