Cyber Security is the implementation of effective technologies, I.T practices and infrastructure processes designed to protect your hardware, networks, software and data from unauthorised access and attacks. In today’s ever evolving technological environment, with advances and innovation around every corner, you can be sure there’s also a hacker or some malware just waiting to slip through holes in your infrastructure.

Cyber security threats are very real and pose a huge risk to business, enterprise and individuals alike. From poorly integrated systems to patching software and plug-ins, there is a wealth of opportunity inviting this undesirable attention and brute force attacks.

Whether you’re an online retailer concerned with safeguarding your revenue streams, or a legal firm with a cache of personal, financial and sensitive documentation to protect, taking steps to safeguard against these privacy threats is a business critical essential. If you think software and high quality hosting is expensive, imagine what it would cost you to recover all your data…

Etain are experts at implementing custom software solutions that safeguard you and your organisation from cyber-attacks and data loss. Our bespoke developments are designed around your specific needs, existing infrastructure, or your upgrade requirements.

After in-depth analysis of your existing systems and business processes, we tailor bespoke hosting implementations and Service Orientated Architecture(SOA) that is designed to seamlessly integrate your systems and upgrades, with cutting-edge security at it’s core.


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