As time and technology progresses, so too do the number of devices becoming inter-connected with you and your organisation. With any innovation comes new challenges and associated risks but also the opportunity to impact your business for the better.

The internet of things(IoT) has made it possible for almost everything and everyone to be ‘connected’ at any time of the day. The data generated from these connected devices, be it a home-heating app, wearable technology or a delivery tracking device; can be captured and analysed in real-time, helping your business make the leap between what’s happening today and what the future holds for you. We make this possible through our commitment to smarter software.

At Etain we champion Microsoft Azure for it’s flexibility to connect with an impressive array of devices. Microsoft’s premier cloud application has the power to capture and seamlessly integrate the data your devices generate, however complex. Through our commitment to smarter software and IoT insight, our custom solutions allow you to streamline your data analysis process and make real use of that information cache. And by hosting your unique combination of implementations, software and devices on the capabilities of Azure, we can help you to realise the potential of the internet of your things.

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