Dynamics CRM

Etain will work with you to fully customise Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ensuring your business objectives, strategy and measurability are deliverable in a way that suits you. We understand that no two organisations are the same, so through consultation and a thorough understanding of your business, our team of expert developers will dedicate their time and passion to the design of a bespoke solution based on your unique set of requirements.

Client Engagement

By having a single source capturing all client engagements it gives you the power to fully understand your client relationships and chose the best approach for future engagements.

Service Desk

Manage service requests from start to finish using case management. By holding all information relating to a request at a single point, cases can easily be picked up by different users who will see a full history of the request, allowing more efficient resolution and ultimately better service to your customers.

Pipeline Management

Keeping track of potential customers from prospect through to completed sale can be difficult. Dynamics CRM pipeline management provides your business with an efficient system to manage this process. From marketing lists, through the sales process to completion, using Dynamics CRM you will have the ability to capture the information you require at each step.

Business Process Management

Most businesses today manage a series of processes to support their operations. Dynamics CRM allows you to build a framework to manage these processes, walking users and executing automated steps to ensure successful completion of each business operation.


With powerful inbuilt reporting, Dynamics CRM ensures you can easily access the wealth of data contained within your system. Build up your own reports to see operational information, sales reports, management reports, the power is in your hands at a click of a mouse.

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