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As Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and a long track record of delivering Smarter Software® solutions, our team of 50+ experts deliver custom solutions designed to help established organisations become digital leaders.

From asset management to streamlining process change, secure cloud solutions and cutting-edge user experiences, we champion your vision from concept to delivery. We analyse, define, design, and develop bespoke solutions that delight users and owners in Public and Private Sectors across the UK and Ireland.


At the very beginning of any relationship we make sure we get to know you and what drives your business. Through close consultation and the forming of a steering committee together we ensure the project goes to plan. We believe that prioritising stakeholder engagement delivers the best results, so we’ll keep you involved at every step. In fact, we insist on it.


Prior to the mobilisation of any project our team of expert Business Analysts and Technical Architects will conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements and your existing environments. From here together we will define the business problem, agree on the goalposts and map a path for the sprints to begin.

Design & User Experience

Our approach to all software and web projects promotes privacy and data protection best practice from the earliest stages of any project. While Privacy by Design is not a requirement of GDPR, we endeavour to advise all our clients on how best they can achieve compliance under the legislation, while maintaining and optimising positive user experiences. Based on the technology stack and your requirements, our designers will then create detailed wireframes for you to review. Where appropriate, we create hi fidelity prototypes based on the agreed solution designs. Prototypes are thoroughly user-tested and refined prior to the first development sprint.

Development Methodology

Our default approach to implementation & development is based upon a hybrid ‘Water-Scrum-Fall’ approach to managing custom software projects. Unless Agile or Waterfall methodologies are expressly requested, we follow this hybrid approach as it combines the best of both methodologies increasing speed, decreasing cost and improving quality. Water-Scrum-Fall is a flexible approach that combines Scrum communication and sprint planning/management techniques to manage the day-to-day product development while employing the traditional waterfall methodologies for overall project planning, budgeting or documenting the project’s progress.

Testing & Delivery

We are committed to delivering the highest standard of products and services possible that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. Our multi-skilled, and experienced Test team employ a variety of modern testing techniques and methodologies to ensure the agreed acceptance criteria is met to the highest level, with emphasis on excellent user experiences and security.

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