Our Microsoft Solutions

As one of the leading providers of customised software solutions in the UK and Ireland, when it comes to designing systems that really deliver, we champion Microsoft for their commitment to return on investment, functionality and above all else, security.

We have developed over 400 CRM executions, SharePoint implementations and Web applications over the past 19 years, consistently ensuring we deliver results that exceed client expectation and industry standards.

Our Smarter Software® solutions deliver:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

We work with you to fully customise Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ensuring your business objectives, strategy and measurability are delivered in a way that suits you. Whether it’s Customer Relationship Management, Event Management or even marketing automation, our team of expert developers dedicate their time and passion to the design of a bespoke solution based on your unique set of requirements.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based solution designed to help your organisation improve internal communications, facilitate collaboration and increase productivity. Utilising SharePoint for over 15 years we are specialists in the design and provision of tailored SharePoint information portals and websites with multiple access points. With an excellent track record in the analysis and implementation of SharePoint Intranet sites and sub sites we work with you to fully assess and understand your business needs before using that information to deliver your bespoke package.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a powerhouse of managed and unmanaged services, unmatched in its productivity, allowing us to seamlessly construct, manage and deploy your applications in a way that suits you. We can help you build great apps and services that integrate with every device and what’s more, Azure supports any operating system, from Linux, Oracle and SQL Server to Java and C#, as well as Windows.

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Microsoft Office 365

Office365 is the modern workplace. It’s built for teamwork. It enables teams to have effective virtual meetings, the ability to co-create and share content, the capability to execute projects faster; all while ensuring and enforcing security and compliance.

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Microsoft Consultancy

Our Microsoft consultants provide cutting-edge business-intelligence and best-practice guidance, designed to improve your processes, optimise your existing infrastructure, and ultimately help you reduce resource expenditure, increase productivity and grow your profit margins.

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In today’s fast paced digital environment your organisation can’t afford to ‘switch-off’ for any reason. We provide tailored support with dedicated handling of incidents and requests via email and telephone helpline.

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With outstanding customer service and reliability at the heart of everything we do, our hosting options are designed to ensure your digital assets are scalable, super-fast and most importantly, secure.

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